Davide Savorani

Billedkunstner og performer Davide Savorani var Cph Air-resident på FABRIKKEN i april 2012 - inviteret af 
kunstner og kurator Hanna Heilmann. Hans værker kredser om krop og skulptur og er blevet udstillet i store dele af Europa. Bl.a. på Venedig Biennalen 2011. Den 13. april deltog han i gruppeudstillingen "Prune in the sky" på Toves Galleri.


Davide Savoranis statement

"To be in a theatre, at first as a spectator and later as a performer, has enabled me to physically enter that space where reality and artifice collide and merge, present and somewhere else. The stage machinery in particular, with its dynamics unfolding behind the show, has gradually led me to reflect on the relationship between the work and the place that is set to inhabit, that of its display.

Every place is connoted by a flexible character that lets us gravitate upon it, allowing us all the while an illusory projection of some other time, elsewhere.

To the site - an interesting term due to its ambiguous etymology, which includes the letting go, the settling and the moulding - I superimpose a situation and a temporary character, in relation with itself and its potential otherness.

This attitude doesn’t aim to hide: to the contrary, what interests me is the action of superimposition itself, as if I were a spectator with the gaze pointed between the stage and the backstage.
In this intersection I place the starting point of my work".


CPH AIR-resident
April 2012