Anna Ring

Den norske kunstner Anna Ring var FAIR resident på FABRIKKEN juli-august 2012. Her testede hun 2 nye værker, der blev malet direkte på væggen med naturmaterialer som chokolade, gurkemeje, kakaofedt og æg/olietempera baseret på jordpigment. For at fokusere på materialet er malerierne oftest formmæssigt enkle, ligesom de både understreger og udfordrer den arkitektur, de er en del af.

I august inviterede Anna indenfor i værkstedet til artist talk. Se billeder.

Anna Ring (1979) er uddannet fra Kunstakademiet i Oslo og deltog på forårsudstilling på Charlottenborg 2012.

Anna Ring om sit ophold

“För mig och för den typ av arbeten, som jag arbetar med, var ateljén i FABRIKKEN helt super.”

Curator and coordinator Maria Gry Bregnbak about Anna Ring

On the wall of her studio, Anna Ring’s work "Three Circles and One Line" looms large. The work is almost 2 metres in diameter and made entirely from chocolate painted directly on the wall. The chocolate circle seems to hover just above the floor and the structure of the material coupled with the circular shape lends it a surprising convexity.

At first, the work seems reminiscent of Olafur Eliasson’s "Weather Project" at Tate Modern due to the overwhelming nature of the planetary shape, but the comparison lasts only until the faint scent of chocolate reaches the viewer. The material is unlikely for such a monumental work and it seems immensely heavy despite the fact that the layer is exquisitely thin.

The dark surface seems impenetrable and reflects very little light. In this way, the work is almost the antithesis to the Weather Project; however both works have a way of anchoring the viewer in front of it. The gravity of the huge dark orb is mesmerizing and the faint scent of chocolate pulls you closer.

Just as the Artist in Residence is only here for a while, so is the work, which will disappear behind several layers of white paint when Anna Ring returns to Oslo. In many ways, the work comments upon this transitory state – it is like an oversized dot on a map saying: You are Here. It weighs you down; its heaviness grounds you in this exact spot. At this particular time, in this particular place, you really are right here.

On the studio floor is another of Ring’s experimental works. What appears to be an intricate tile pattern are actually paper-thin pieces of white chocolate on a grey painted square on the concrete floor. The studio floor is as studio floors are; spattered with traces of artistic production. However, one of these traces is different from the others: It is a perfect, grey rectangle and Ring’s incorporation of traces of previous Artists in Residence in her work thereby links past and present in a tribute to the transitory.

Painting directly on the wall, floor or ceiling, Ring not only activates the architecture but also creates obstacles and resistance, resulting in a tension between the solid structures and the ephemeral traces of her brush.

Evident in Ring’s choice of materials is the focus on transformation and transience. Inherent in her practice is however also a dynamic between appearance and disappearance; a delicate resistance in the calm geometrical shapes that runs like an undercurrent throughout her oeuvre. Her technique and the natural materials speak of durability as well as of impermanence but although she leaves behind a white walled studio, her works will still be there – invisibly greeting the future artists in transit.


Juli-august 2012


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