Jeanne van Heeswijk

Jeanne van Heeswijk arbejder normalt i Rotterdam, bl.a. med hvordan man skaber interaktion mellem mennesker i det offentlige rum, men i juli måned 2012, var hun tilknyttet FABRIKKEN som CPH AIR-resident. Her researchede hun til værket "Public Faculties".

Jeanne om Public Faculties:

"Public Faculties" started in 2008 in Skopje Macedonie as a way to talk about notion of publicness, public sphere and public space, outside with who ever feels like taking part, drawing out the conversations that take place in public as well . Afterwards, within reasonable time a small poster manifesto is published and spread about its findings.

The idea of the Public Faculty series is to engage in learning through a process of knowledge exchange within the context of a certain place. It references Beuys’s seminal work ‘Richtkräfte’ (Directive Forces), an installation of 100 blackboards created for public discussions and later held at the Institute for Contemporary Art in London in 1974.

Using Rudolf Steiner’s concept of ‘thought drawings’, Beuys used chalk on blackboard to communicate to his audience the basic principles of his theory of ‘social sculpture’ – freedom, direct democracy and sustainable economic forms.

In this way Beuys illustrated his “anthropologic construct” for a better world. Public Faculy seeks to ‘draw out’ the anticipated conversations and findings by slowly building a visual analogy of its presence in the city. By taking these conversations outside it undertakes strategies for rethinking, redefining and re-entering public space through collective cultural action.

Jeanne deltog i Copenhagen Art Festival 2012. Se, hvad hun siger om sit bidrag her:


CPH AIR-resident
Juli 2012