Laura Piasta

Laura Piasta (CA/SE) arbejdede med akustik i relation til keramik, mens hun var FAIR-resident på FABRIKKEN i november-december 2012. Hun tog udgangspunkt i arkæologen David E. Jones’ teori: at man ved hjælp af moderne teknologi kan afspille rillerne i fortidens keramik som på en vinylplade.

Piasta er uddannet ved Emily Carr University i Vancouver og kunstakademiet i Umeå, hvorfra hun har en MA. Hun deltog desuden i tidligere FAIR-kunstnere Taggart & Lewis’ udstilling af "The Museum of Longing and Failure" i København 2011 og har adskillige internationale soloudstillinger bag sig.

Laura Piasta's statement

“There are many complex nuances of the human condition that are difficult to grasp and it is often only through the use of metaphor that we can understand these particulars. I have gravitated to the field of Art as a way to explore philosophical ideas or ways of looking at our concept of perception.

From an Object Oriented Philosophy, or speculative realism point of view my work explores objects and material and our physiological and metaphysical relationships to them. It is through relationships to material and concrete matter that we understand abstract concepts. My practice is based around an experimental investigation of visual and auditory frequencies involving a close examination of material and its physical relationship to the subjective viewer.

How do we explain the unexplainable? How can I make a painting for the eleven dimensions of space and time? Through the use of a stone phone can I communicate with the Bronze Age? Do plants have a more sophisticated form of intelligence than humans?” -

About her stay

“A residency is important to develop or research a new project with an intense focus and support. As well a wonderful opportunity to make new working relationships.

The FAIR residency is situated within a collective environment in Copenhagen. It was great to visit the other artists at FABRIKKEN. I think it is an important way to explore the Copenhagen Art scene while working on your practice. Overall the FAIR program was absolutely perfect.”


November-december 2012