Lewis & Taggart

Den canadiske kunstnerdio Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis var FAIR-residents på FABRIKKEN oktober og november 2011. Her skabte de projektet "Chasing a Rainbow with the Ghost of Pablo Picasso".

Om Lewis & Taggart

Chloe Lewis and Andrew Taggart are a Canadian artist duo based in Bergen, Norway. Expressed as conceptual poems, visual conundrums, associative experiments and conflated tributes, their sculptures are shaped through a process of constant collecting and pared-down production, exploring the space between the literary underpinnings of a given place and the material evidence of its physical reality.

Chasing a Rainbow with the Ghost of Pablo Picasso

The project "Chasing a Rainbow with the Ghost of Pablo Picasso" was created in Copenhagen during October and November of 2011. The collection of work - one piece for each colour of the rainbow and one piece for every colour of the rainbow -  combines and re-works physical and narrative material found and collected from within the city of Copenhagen.

Artist talk

Den 7. oktober fortalte Lewis & Taggart om deres praksis på Tidsskriftscaféen, Københavns Universitet.

Bordeaux dans l'espace, Airsickness bag, wine bottles, plaster, 39 x 12 x 9 cm, 2011.
The Museum of Longing and Failure (MOLAF), NY, February 21-27, 2012.


Oktober-november 2011