Mansilla, Guljajeva og Mellema

Repair Station

Wendy Ann Mansilla (NO), Varvara Guljajeva (EST/AUT) og Tatiana Mellema (CAN) var i CRR-residency på FABRIKKEN i april 2011. Her opførte de den fluxusinspirerede event "Repair Station", hvor deltagere kunne kigge forbi og blive befriet for stress!

Opfordringen den 22. april lød:

"We will be offering services in stress relief through advanced healing exercises. Stop by the Repair Station anytime between 11.00 and 15.00 for your very own private consolation, and harness your spiritual well being! All Repair Station services are free of charge."

Om deres arbejde

”Our aim is to explore the experiential implications of and the artistic research process in early media works, which includes re-framing works from Fluxus era and re-considering the experimental research methods used. Moreover, we intend to investigate the approaches used by media artists today, and what the relationships are between these early and contemporary research methods. What are the contemporary resonances of Fluxus’ media experimentation in art today?

Our interest is on experimental, instructional, and performative processes used by Fluxus artists and the substances they employ which are linked to everyday media. [...] We propose to explore the early research processes of Fluxus artists’ and translate these investigations into instructional and experiential artworks that map the relationship between historical and contemporary works.”

Wendy Ann Mansilla

Wendy Ann Mansilla received her M.Sc. in Digital Media at ISNM (International School of New Media) at the University of Luebeck, Germany. In 2005 her master’s thesis on acousmetre in virtual environments was presented at the Europrix Toptalent Award, Vienna. In 2007, she worked at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in the domain of mixed-reality environments.

Along with her academic work, she conducts lectures on new media technologies and augmented reality and produces digital installations related to visual illusion and synthetic reality. Some of her latest works were presented and exhibited at Piksel Bergen, STRP Technology Festival Eindhoven, ACM Multimedia, Siggraph Asia, Campus Party Brazil.  She is currently a Ph.D candidate with the Center of Quantifiable Quality of Service at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

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Varvara Guljajeva

Varvara Guljajeva is an artist from Estonia but currently living and working in Linz. Her main focus is on interactive installations and kinetic organic sculptures. Often Varvara’s works are her reflection on society, environment and cyber-age. She has exhibited in several international art festivals and taken part in art-related conferences. Varvara is sharing her knowledge on interactive art at Interface Cultures in the Art University of Linz and in various workshops. Varvara has worked with children, youths, and artists who are eager to apply technology for creative purposes.

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Tatiana Mellema

Tatiana Mellema is a writer and curator from Toronto, Canada. She earned her MA in Art History from Concordia University, Montreal and recently worked at The Banff Centre as Program Manager of Creative Residencies in the Visual Arts department. While in Banff she managed the video art production The End by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson, commissioned for the 2009 Venice Biennale.

Over the years she has held positions in various galleries across Canada including YYZ Artists’ Outlet, The Power Plant, and the National Gallery of Canada.  Her writings on contemporary art have been published in Boulder Pavement, Canadian Art, C Magazine, and PIVOT as well as in a number of exhibition brochures and catalogues. She is currently working on a collaborative exhibition project with the artist Paul Butler for the Art Gallery of Ontario, which will explore the history of artist run culture in Canada.


CRR (Collaborative Research Residency) var et samarbejde mellem Baltic Art Center i Visby, Sverige, Hordaland Art Centre i Bergen, Norge, og FABRIKKEN. Programmet vægtede tværfaglige samarbejder med fokus på researchfasen.


April 2011


Repair Station