Henning Lundkvist

Henning Lundkvist (SE) spent June and July 2014 in Copenhagen as an artist-in-residence at Fabrikken. In continuation of his examination of the border regions between signs, meaning, and language, Lundkvist has been working on a new alphabet - a circular one. 
Henning Lundkvist
By producing a circular alphabet, Lundkvist is challenging not only the shape of the letters. He also claims a revision of the meaning we place in letters and their combinations of words as signs, and produces an alphabet where the individual letters predate their sounds. With the existing standard latin alphabet as a starting point, he takes each letter, breaks it up into smaller pieces and constructs new letters in circular shapes. 
Complementary to the circular alphabet, Lundkvist has also collaborated with the publishing house Drucksache to produce a 12” vinyl edition of his sound work “Orgelshtick”. The edition will be published in September 2014 by Drucksache and with support from Fabrikken.
Henning Lundkvist: Circular Alphabet


Juni-juli 2014


Henning Lundkvist

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