Signe Vad

Signe works with two different but parallel practices, one introvert and contemplative the other interdisciplinary action-based practice.

Originally Signe Vads main field was photography. The resent years her work has developed into multiple materials and outcomes; photography, video, installation, sculpture. The aestetics are either minimalistic or very expressive, there is a sort of raw power in her pictures or videos that tap into something strongly existential, and plays with the basic but always relevant questions regarding being in the world together. In her work she incorporates philosophical questions about being in the world, choice, action, fellowship and alienation.

The interdisciplinary practice is curatorial work in the self-organized art scene, live stream broadcasts, exhibition organizing etc.
She has been initiator for several non-profit exhibition-spaces in Copenhagen and in 2009 and 2010 she was the curator for Alt_Cph an alternative and nonprofit art fair in Copenhagen.