Airi Triisberg


Airi Triisberg arbejder som kurator, skribent og underviser i Tallinn, Estland, men er pt. i residency på FABRIKKEN via FAIR-programmet.


Airi Triisberg is an independent curator, writer and educator based in Tallinn, Estonia. Her practice is focused on questions related to precarious labour, gender and sexualities. In the broader sense, she is interested in the intersections of contemporary art and social movements. Her latest projects include the exhibition Get Well Soon! On illness and society (2015) and the publication Art Workers – Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice (2015) co-edited by Minna Henriksson and Erik Krikortz.

Struggles against precarious labour in the art field and beyond

December 15 th she presented her latest research Struggles against precarious labour in the art field and beyond at FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design.

The presentation aimed to conceptualise the recent wave of art workers organizing which has emerged with particular intensity throughout the last decade. Taking the practices of art workers organising as starting point, she analysed the politics of labour organising from the perspective of precarious workers. By juxtaposing a number of current and historical examples of labour struggles in the art field and beyond, she tried to conceptualise these examples in the light of three questions: Which forms of organising are operative in the context of organising against precarious labour? How are the particular struggles framed and conceptualised? What kind of alliances are or can be created from the subject position of precarious workers? Furthermore, she aimed to articulate feminist perspectives on the politics of labour organising, underlining the commonalities between art workers’ struggles against precarious labour and feminist struggles against unwaged social labour.


dec 2016-
januar 2017